Project is constantly standing on the cutting edge of innovation in the Greek market, having won its clients respect and trust, which include pharmacists, cooperatives, pharmaceutical stores, doctors and final consumers, thanks to the superb product quality and the considerable contribution to the development of products catering to people with diabetes.

Project was founded in 1987 and, therefore, has years of experience, specializing in the promotion and trading of diabetological products, parapharmaceuticals and disinfectants. The relationship with our clients is based on trust, product quality care, responsible client information, direct service and constant support of the products using promotional material.

Project is certified by the “National Evaluation Center of Quality & Technology in Health S.A.” and consistently abides by the international and European standards regarding consumer safety and is proven to be intent on the needs of people with diabetes.

Project greatly values its human resources and thus invests in the training and specialization of its employees so as to be capable of providing reliable and effectual services.

Our company’s associates consistently visit health care professionals, providing update, collaboration and after sales service.

Our goal is to provide high quality service with innovative, pioneering and trustworthy products in order to facilitate our customers in dealing with diabetes.

Our promise is the compliance of our values and the constant improvement, always looking towards a “sweeter” future.