ControlBios Blood Glucose Monitor and “forDiabetes” app join forces in facing diabetes

A new joint effort by Project Kasapakis T. & Co and Tessera, developing company of “forDiabetes” mobile application has just begun in order to aid diabetes patients in their day-to-day blood glucose management.

Users of ControlBios TD-4277 blood glucose monitoring system now have the possibility of safely and reliably uploading their results to the mobile application “forDiabetes” at a click of a button without having to fill out forms. ControlBios glucose monitors are equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows instant upload to mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.)

“forDiabetes” automatically receives and saves results from ControlBios TD-4277 blood glucose monitoring system, acting as an organized result calendar. Moreover, it allows syncing between the mobile and equivalent web app to offer users more options for keeping track of their results. This user-friendly app collects all important data relating to diabetes (glucose levels, exercise, meals, medicine, blood pressure, HbA1c, weight), analyzes them, and generates useful charts and information that help users more effectively and easily deal with the condition while also offering the option of sharing these results with doctors.

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